Spokane Falls CSO 26 Control Facility

  • Spokane Falls CSO 26 Control Facility

Spokane Falls CSO 26 Control Facility

Spokane, WA
Customer: City of Spokane
Date Completed: Currently Under Construction

Garco was awarded the second civil GC/CM contract for the City of Spokane in April 2016.  This project contains significant site challenges with an excavation depth of nearly 50 feet in unconsolidated fill on the south bank of the Spokane River.  The property is bounded by the public library, City Hall, the Monroe Street Bridge, and Avista’s Lower Falls hydroelectric facility.  Due to lateral loading concerns presented by the exposure of the control facility on the north side, extensive permanent earth shoring will be required along Spokane Falls Boulevard.  

The reinforced concrete tank structure will contain approximately 2.2 million gallons when completed with a footprint of approximately 320 feet by 65 feet.  A separate regulator structure and connecting piping are complicated by a myriad of utilities present within the excavation area and vicinity, and significant efforts to bypass the existing combined sewer overflows around the tank excavation will be required.

The project is currently in the preconstruction phase with shoring installation projected to commence in January 2017.